Viktor Phoenix - Viktor Phoenix
Viktor Phoenix is an accomplished game developer with a focus on creating strong narrative integrated with game mechanics and bringing clear feedback to the user through ingenuitive use of audio.

Viktor has significant experience in working with game audio in a leadership role for all aspects of interactive audio. As the Audio Lead for Evolve, he led creative and technical development for all aspects of audio in the hit game. His work on games like The Saboteur, the Mercenaries series, Star Wars: Battlefront, Destroy All Humans, Full Spectrum Warrior and Lord of the Rings: Conquest has included sound design and implementation, music supervision, music system design, dialog writing and editing, and coordinating creative and technical development for key features between departments.

His experience in marketing (including creative development for trailers), film, and web development has provided him the tools to engage audiences in new ways and to tell stories within a technical medium.

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