How We Work

We’re Your Audio Department

Whether you need a team to lead and manage your entire audio pipeline or you just need a few lines of dialogue edited, we can help. We help new studios prototype their games. We work with existing sound teams to fill in gaps when they’re crunching on a demo and we help get projects across the finish line. If you need an audio programmer but don’t have the budget for a full-time in-house hire, we can help. We are truly a full-service audio team. We are experienced with working both remotely and on-site, depending on your needs. was founded in 2014 by Viktor Phoenix. Bringing together a small team of talented developers, is unique among audio outsourcing studios. We offer the range of services of a large shop with lots of overhead, but are small and flexible enough to work within most budgets. Having a programmer on our team, an accomplished music producer, and a veteran of AAA games positions us strongly for independent game studios and up-start virtual reality developers.

We have a clear understanding of the development process, and we have the knowledge, skills and experience to successfully complete the project and we are passionate about creating the best sounding experiences. With experience on numerous AAA and indie games, national TV campaigns, movies, and Virtual Reality projects, will make your projects Sound Better™.


The Team

We are a partnership of experienced developers based in Los Angeles and Oakland. We are uniquely qualified to help small studios get up and running with great sound in their project and large studios get their projects across the finish line.


How we do it.

We work closely with our clients and we commit ourselves to your success and the success of your project. As seasoned game developers, our well-defined process starts with an exploration and learning phase and ends with a post-mortem phase.

From preproduction concepts and prototyping all the way through to gold master, will work with you on every aspect of audio on your project. If you need a music system for your Unity project, we can do that. If you need sound design and implementation for your Virtual Reality project, we can do that. If you need music for your trailer, we can do that.

What We Do

Music composition
Dialog Writing
Voiceover Recording
Mixing – Linear and In-Game
Foley Recording and Editorial
Field Recording
Noise Reduction and Restoration
AAf/OMF import/export
Stereo and Surround
3D Sound
Sweetening – audio enhancement
Picture Synch
Sound re-record


Who we do it for.

Our team has worked on projects for these great companies:
[tw_grid cols=”2″]Kite & Lightning[/tw_grid][tw_grid cols=”2″]Funomena[/tw_grid][tw_grid cols=”2″]NBC[/tw_grid][tw_grid cols=”2″]Microsoft[/tw_grid][tw_grid cols=”2″]Robotoki[/tw_grid][tw_grid cols=”2″]Turtle Rock Studios[/tw_grid][tw_grid cols=”2″]Tell Tale Games[/tw_grid][tw_grid cols=”2″]EA Electronic Arts[/tw_grid][tw_grid cols=”2″]505 Games[/tw_grid][tw_grid cols=”2″]Pandemic Studios[/tw_grid][tw_grid cols=”2″]Sammy Studios[/tw_grid]